How To Play

What is CardZee?

CardZee is an online trading card game. As a user, you can collect various cards and aim to complete an album. An album consists of several cards which you need to collect. Upon completion of an album, a user will get a virtual Achievement as a recognition of his or her efforts.

For certain albums, a user can also choose to exchange the completed album for a gift in exchange for a virtual Achievement. CardZee also offers other gifts each with their own set of required cards. A user can aim to collect cards and exchange the complete set for the desired gift. However, gifts are a small aspect of CardZee.

The main aspect of CardZee is to offer a fun environment for users to complete their albums and hence gaining satisfaction and Achievements for their collections.

How to Play?

As a new user, you are given a certain number of Zees upon signing up. 
You may use these Zees to purchase the card pack.

A pack of cards consists of three cards.

You can purchase a pack of cards by clicking on ‘Buy Card Packs’ button on the homepage.

CardZee uses its own virtual currency called Zees. You require Zees to purchase a pack of cards.

Reloading Zees

To reload Zees, click on the ‘Top Up’ button appearing on top of the page.

User can reload Zees using Paypal or IAHGames iCash or MOL, our preferred payment partner.


CardZee's MarketPlace allows users to trade cards with each other. This also makes CardZee easier and more fun to play since users can selectively and decisively Buy the cards which they lack. Conversely, users can also sell cards which they do not need on the MarketPlace.

With the MarketPlace, acquiring the needed cards become more transparent. In fact, a user can potentially rely just on the MarketPlace to complete an album (with enough cards available for sale on the MarketPlace). Please note there is an administrative fee for listing of a card to be sold on the MarketPlace.

Prizes Redemption

Redemption of In-Game prizes will take up to 7 working days to be credited into user account.

For user who redeemed Granado Espada in-game prizes, you require a Granado Espada account with at least 1 Family created for the prizes insertion. 
All users will receive an email once the prizes are successfully credited into your account.

Redemption of Physical prizes will take up to 21 working days to be delivered.
For user who redeemed Physical prizes, you will be receiving an email from CardZee to verify your address within 3 working days.

Shipping Fee

CardZee will ONLY provide free shipping of physical prizes to Singapore and Malaysia ONLY.
Any shipping fee made to countries excluding Singapore and Malaysia will be borne by the user.

Alternatively users may choose to collect their prizes at the following location:

IAHGames Singapore office: Tata Communications Exchange, 35 Tai Seng Street 534103.